EuroZulu Guided Tours & Safaris Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Friday 07 November 2014

Any day that one gets to see three black rhinos is a very special day indeed and that’s just what were lucky enough to experience today. These magnificent beasts are notoriously shy and yet very aggressive and you need to be on your guard if they approach your vehicle. Well, we were under no threat today even though one of the rhinos was no more than 20 meters from our vehicle ! A sight to behold ! At view point 17 a lioness was relaxing on the “beach” with some of her family nearby though out of sight. Plenty of elephants around today as well as a lot of rhino moms with young calves. Giraffes have been a little scarce over the last few days but on the plus side we saw plenty of zebras and wildebeest.


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