EuroZulu Guided Tours & Safaris Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Monday 06 October 2014

No blue Monday for us today !! Based on nothing more than a gut feel we headed north into the Hluhluwe section of the Park this morning and within a half an hour were rewarded with sightings of wild dogs, elephants and hyenas ! We then headed south and had good general game sightings all the way to Mphafa hide. Then we had a great lion sighting near marker 25 in the south. The lions had killed a while before and 3 of the females and a huge male were lying close to the road in the shade of a tree near a water pan. The male suddenly stood up and walked to the pan for a drink. He was so close to us that we could here him lapping up the water ! I’m pretty sure I could also hear the thudding hearts of our guests who will probably never come so close to a lion again in their lives ! Elsewhere there were reports of cheetah, leopard  and another lion sighting near marker 17 in the south. Elephant, buffalo and rhino sightings were good today but for a change the giraffes made themselves scarce.100_0851 100_0837

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