EuroZulu Guided Tours & Safaris Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Monday 13 October 2014

If a tour into the Park was a game of golf then today could be regarded as above par for the course !! In other words we had  a good, if not spectacular day, compared with the weekend. There were several lion sightings and a big breeding elephant herd near marker 15 in the south. The highlight of our day though was a great black rhino. We do not reveal the location of the sighting for fear of this information falling into the wrong hands ( i.e. the rhino poachers.) Elsewhere in the Park there was a wild dog sighting and there were plenty of rhinos and giraffes on display. The buffaloes were strangely absent today after a weekend when we saw virtually every buffalo in the Park…not that we’re complaining of course !!

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