EuroZulu Guided Tours & Safaris Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Sat 06 Sep & Sun 07 Sep 2014

Saturday was a strange kind of day in the bush, cold & windy yet we had abrief lion sighting in the river bed at Umganu just before lunch. Earlier on during the day there was a dead impala wedged into a fork in an acacia tree just before marker the end of Sontuli loop. This was clearly a leopard kill and we waited at the spot for a while hoping that the leopard would return to claim it’s dinner but this didn’t happen !!. There were a few elephants dotted around the south of the Park as well so all in all not a bad day at the office !! Sunday was spectacular. we spent about 30 minutes with 15 wild dogs ( including 8 puppies ) near the Centenary Centre turn off. As if this was not enough we were lucky enough to encounter a pride of 15 lions just a few minutes later near Umbondwe picnic site. What was amazing is that there were 15 cats and 15 dogs and 8 cubs and 8 puppies. It got a little quiet after that but we did enjoy good rhino sightings as well as a couple of bull elephants and a jackal buzzard near the air strip.

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