EuroZulu Guided Tours & Safaris Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Thursday 25 Sep 2014

We had an amazing start to the day with 10 wild dogs ( 2 adults & 8 pups ) drinking from a water hole right at Nyalazi Gate. They entertained us for 20 minutes with their antics before wandering off to find breakfast no doubt !! For the first time in 3 days we did not find the Bridge lion pride between the main Umfolozi bridge and Umganu picnic site. It just shows you again how spoilt we’ve been by them ! Quite a few elephants around the south today and we also had good rhino, giraffe and buffalo sightings. As usual the wind was blowing gale force early in the day but thankfully it abated somewhat around mid morning. Strangely enough zebras and wildebeest have been very scarce lately.

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