EuroZulu Safaris – Saturday 16 August 2014

There was quite a bit of rain in the Park last night but the Earth is so dry that the water was absorbed so quickly that there was no moisture to be seen. It’s a strange landscape out there at the moment with so much scorched earth and smouldering trees yet mist in the morning which provides a somewhat surreal ambience. Lots of elephants around at the moment and today we got a large breeding herd near Bhekaphansi Pan in the south. Before that, however, we spotted a couple of wild dogs and a hyena running through the burnt area near Masinda Camp. Our highlight of the day was a pair of mating lions near the end of Sontuli loop. All this, along with a great sighting of a magnificent Crowned Eagle near Mphafa Hide made for a really good day in the bush !!

IMGP5094 IMGP5103 IMGP5069

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