EuroZulu Wildlife Diary – Wednesday 1 May 2013

Weather : Couldn’t have asked for better weather…. mild and relatively wind free, if only we could have this kind of weather every day !!

Another good day in Africa !! We found a pride of 6 lions near Bhavolomu pan around 6.30 and a little later a hungry and angry hyena came strolling past us, bearing his teeth in the process ! Near marker 28 in the south a smelly bull elephant blocked the road in front of us and eventually let us through only after 20 minutes. Around mid morning we spotted a solitary sub adult lion with a huge cyst on his right fore leg. Rhino and buffalo sightings were also good today.

Umfolozi Big Five sightings : Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino…. and hyaena.

Hluhluwe Big Five sightings : Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino.

General Game : Antelope, Warthog, Wildebeest, Baboon, Zebra, Giraffe etc.


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