Hluhluwe / Umfolozi : Monday 08 December 2014

What would we have done without the “bridge” lion pride that have been so faithful to us over the last couple of weeks !! These cats were in the river at the main Umfolozi bridge early this morning and again , albeit on the other side of the bridge, when we crossed it mid afternoon. It is a magnificent pride of around 14 lions including two males, 5 females and seven cubs,now around three months old. They are not always close but seem to enjoy the middle of the river as a resting place if it’s not too hot, thereby giving us good visibility. There was a reported sighting of a mom cheetah with three cubs near Mphafa hide this morning but otherwise, apart from the odd elephant and hyena sighting, it was fairly quiet out there in the bush today. There were good rhino and buffalo sightings though so we don’t really have any reason to complain.


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