Night drive (Western shores of iSimangaliso)

Night drive (Western shores of iSimangaliso)

We have a working agreement with St Lucia based Jubisa tours to work their iSimangaliso western shores conssesion.

The western shores are part of the iSimangaliso wetland park. As the name suggests it is on the western side of the St Lucia estuary. The gate into the iSimangaliso’s western shores is only 2km from the town of St Lucia.

There are two species of animals that one can see on the western shores of iSimangaliso that you will not see on the eastern shores of iSimangaliso namely Nyala antelope and the giraffe. The elephant of the iSimangaliso wetland park spend 90 percent of their time on the western shores of the park. So this is where you have the best chance of seeing the elephant when staying in St Lucia. Other special animals that we see there are hippo, hyena, side stripe jackal, leopard, rhino and buffalo. Then all the other general game of the area are also there. The only animal of the Big Five we do not have in the park are lion.

We do two tours from St Lucia into the western shores of iSimangaliso.

Sunset drive (3hrs)
These tours start at 4pm in the winter and at 5pm in the summer.
We will collect you at your accommodation in St Lucia. The tour duration is three hours. The great thing about these drives is you get the lovely sunsets and sometime in the dark.
It is always advisable to bring a warm jacket.

Night drives (3hrs)
These tours start at 7pm in the winter and 8pm in the summer. Once again we will collect you from your accommodation in St Lucia. On these tours we concentrate more on the nocturnal animals like spotted genets, hyenas, porcupines, owls, nightjar etc…
Then there is all the other game that we see. When doing a night drive “always” bring a warm jacket.

We can do a 3hr morning drive on request please remember these tours will not be done for less than 4 people and depends on the availability of guides.