St Lucia / Cape Vidal Saltwater Fly Fishing

St Lucia / Cape Vidal Saltwater Fly Fishing

The ultimate fly fishing experience – fishing the surf zone at Cape Vidal! We will travel to Cape Vidal via the iSimangaliso Wetland Park with the chance of spotting wildlife including buffalo, rhino and leopard. Once at Cape Vidal, for those who are brave enough to fish from the rocks in search of the big KING FISH (THE JACK), be prepared to get WET as you will be pounded by waves! Fishing the beaches is much easier but the fish are generally smaller.

St Lucia salt water fly fishing is not the easiest but is hugely rewarding. To be a successful fly fisherman in salt water, the most important aspect is to be able to read the water, and we can teach beginners.
If you can do this, you will almost certainly catch fish. One of the most exciting things about fishing in the sea is the huge variety of fish that take a fly. So far our guide has caught more than 20 separate species of fish in the St Lucia and Cape Vidal areas.


We do provide it, but we recommend you bring your own!
Our recommendation is: 8/9-weight rod with DI.7 sinking line on a good saltwater reel with lots of backing. This rig should be adequate to target the bigger fish. For the smaller fish, we recommend that a 5 weight or upwards with sinking line would be adequate.
Good pair of rock shoes.

Stripping basket.

Variety of flies (big AND small). Colours: red/white, chartreuse, black/red, orange, pink/white

We use sinking lines because they are more versatile as they are thin and cut through the air more easily, and also because they are less affected by wind – remember the wind is always blowing at the coast. Wave action also has less effect on these sinking lines.

Costs are calculated on an hourly basis from the time we collect you to the time we drop you off. Food and drinks are excluded. 

Please contact us for price details.

Rock and Surf angling also available. Please enquire for details.